Be blessed by “The Resurrection” when you help a friend.

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twitterpicThanks for opening this message. I hope you will now have time to read through it.

A VERY accomplished man is experiencing hard times. He’s not well. I have befriended him and have felt it is my duty to share his mission.

Visit the following link and make a single book purchase (99 cents). Please share the link with others, whether you buy or not. Let’s spread the word. This is the perfect season to support this new release. Easter is right around the corner.

Can you help me sell 1000 books before the end of March? I received a message from Josh Baker, the Director of Operations at ThinAir Data and he said, “One down, 999 to go.”

The book is titled “The Resurrection: A Criminal Investigation of the Mysterious Disappearance of the Body of the Crucified Criminal Jesus of Nazareth”.

Here is an excerpt:

“In summary, Jesus…

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