15 Million Reads Before Her Book Was Even Published

Great info on Wattpad here…

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Life's A WitchSince the publication of aspiring young adult novelist Brittany Geragotelis  first book, “Life’s a Witch,” the Oak Harbor native has been enjoying the magical feeling of success.  She wrote her first book at age 15 after getting the idea from a dream. “Life’s a Witch” is the seventh book she’s written but the first that she has shared with the public.

The key to her success came from stepping away from traditional publishing methods and transfering parts of her manuscript on Wattpad.com, which earned her 15 million “reads” before she started to self-publish her book.

Writers can post what they’re working on and readers can explore and give feedback, all for free. While she wrote and published her book on Wattpad, Geragotelis got feedback from readers, a huge help for finding out if she was pulling off what she was trying to do, Geragotelis said. Their favorite parts were the…

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