Book piracy … does it really matter?


Brian O’Leary had a fantastic post yesterday about book piracy and the ongoing insistence that it’s a categorically bad thing. The fact is, no one has any idea whether or not it’s a bad thing because only one publishing company in the history of publishing or companies has ever agreed to empirically test that assertion.

One is not a statistical sample.

Brian’s post was based on coverage of a session at DBW last week. One of the comments to that coverage came from Marion Gropen, a consultant to authors looking to “profit from your publishing.” Gropen says,

And the discussion about whether or not it hurts sales is utterly not the point. You can’t take anything else I own even if you think it would be in my best interest. The issue is control, not results.

I think Gropen has hit upon something absolutely critical when she says, “The issue is…

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