Today it’s all about #storytelling…

Stories Told Well.

First there was Twitter Stories, then Facebook Stories, now there’s Google+ Stories.  And of the big three, I think Google has probably nailed how to tell stories about their product. Actually, they nailed it for everyone.

These are beautiful, 3 min stories about people, their passions, relationships, dreams, connecting with others, struggles…all the things that make stories work. Oh and, yeah, they feature the Google+ product. But what Google seems to have figured out with these stories is the product isn’t the story, the features aren’t the story, how to set up the account isn’t the story; the stories are people and what they do with the product. It’s not rocket science, but think about tech companies today…how many miss the mark because they tell the product story, not the customer’s story.

Watch the Ghetto Film School story…they don’t even mention Google until over one minute…

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