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Cereal Authors


By Kenneth Weene

Salvatore had never eaten breakfast. “A cup of black joe and off I go,” he had said more than once to his beloved Kathleen. And Sal was true to his word; he’d slurp down the hottest, muddiest cup of coffee he could make and charge out into the world where dealing and wheedling awaited. Sal was a salesman, and he loved his trade. It had never mattered what he was selling. It had never mattered where. He loved the sale.

There were, however, two special times each year, two days when he would eat breakfast. One was Fathers’ Day. “You have to,” Kathleen had explained to him that first time. “Lucy wants to make it for you. You just have to.”


Nothing was dearer to Sal Cachioli than his daughter. The mention of Lucille’s name brought a smile. Photographs of her filled his wallet…

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