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Welcome to the Indie Book Review Fest! Included are my September reviews of 4 great books by fellow authors, as well as the most recent and best reviews of my own books. I promise a feast for the reader’s soul with a variety of genres, including adventure, mystery/thriller, fantasy/scifi, metaphysical/spiritual, paranormal and non-fiction/history.

Without further ado…

RAHALA: An Ascension Odyssey by Jason Sullivan

Category: fantasy/scifi, dystopian, spiritual/metaphysical

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Cover for 'Rahala: An Ascension Odyssey' Review by: Lada Ray on Sep. 16, 2012 : star star star star star
Fascinating, Visionary and Creative – Highly Recommended!

While visiting the ancient rocks in northern Arizona, friends Marcia, Steve and Harvey encounter a striking inter-dimensional phenomenon, and meet a friendly alien who shows them the future destruction of the Earth by vicious extraterrestrials called Perathons.

What ensues is a highly imaginative, philosophical and visionary story of a quest by three very different humans…

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