Eliminating confusion on hyphens & dashes, thanks James!

Prescription For Murder

Hyphens and dashes are two distinctly different punctuation marks and a proper understanding of each will avoid embarrassing mistakes in your writing.  Will anyone get MURDERED as a result of using the wrong one in the wrong place?  No, but their proper use is part of the process that makes a writer stand out as exceptional.  Use them erroneously and your publisher might just KILL your story without reading further.

There are actually three distinct types of dashes: one is the commonly used Hyphen, and the other two are called the En Dash and the Em Dash.  Let’s take a separate look at these for a better understanding of how and when to use them.

The Hyphen: This literary device, a short dash, is used in three areas of punctuation to link words or parts of words together.

They can be used to join compound words (like…

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