Quite the creative thinker here! Live the analogy. Look forward to her progress.

Dianne J. Wilson

You know when your friends get preggy and suddenly facebook is littered with murky scan pics that could just as easily be elephants or aliens? Well I’m proud to share MY latest in utero pic with you …

Everyone… meet Finding Mia…

She is 1/8th of the size she’ll be when fully grown. Much development has to happen before she can be born, but the potential to make readers laugh and cry… it’s all in there. 🙂

Pregnancy analogies aside – this is book #2’s plotting box. I wrote book #1 as a pantser. I literally made it up as I went along. Since then, I’ve added a third child (real flesh & blood person-child) to my brood and life is a whole lot more complicated. This means that the luxury of sitting down to write for a few hours without interuption is a fondly remembered fantasy. Now? I snatch half hours if and when…

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