It’s a crazy yet beautiful world

After tracking the news all day as usual, it again occurred to me that so much of what goes on in America is history repeating itself… in the world for that matter.

More crime headlines, celebrity gossip, conferences, conventions, candidates arguing & not being honest about their politics, technology battles, stockmarket blunders.

More excuses for why things can’t be done & reasons why other things are done despite no one wants it done.

More money spent on things we leave behind (can’t take it with us when we die).

Less money spent on things or people who matter & less importance on prioritizes that endure after we’re gone.
Election years used to make us proud of our nation. It was the chance for us to choose a person of integrity to lead us by an honor code written Lon ago. Now, I will mail in my ballot & call it good. Problem is I don’t have a person of integrity to vote for to sit in The Oval Office ’til 2016.

To be continued…


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