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Thanks for stopping by! I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone visiting my new blog.  Today I’m honored to share an amazing review for Scent of Triumph, which came in from the lovely Nancy Arnott, whom I met when she was with Edelman PR in NYC, and I worked as a fragrance expert on a brand campaign for them. An editor and writer, she’s now Copy Chief for Digital Media with A&E, and recently reviewed Scent of Triumph. I’m thrilled and honored to share what she had to say:

“If the idea of a novel about a perfumer brings to mind images of sterile laboratories or serene fields of flowers, think again. “Scent of Triumph” offers action, suspense and romance aplenty as it follows its intrepid heroine through the turbulent years of World War II, from the depths of tragedy to the heights of success. Fragrance lovers…

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