This is a tough one. Depends… if you are the “receiver” or the “sender” … can swing both ways in serious criminal offenses.

Author Jennifer Chase

Maybe you like to use Facebook to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen since you graduated from high school twenty years ago.  Who needs a reunion in the school gymnasium when you can catch up virtually every day?  Or, perhaps your family is scattered across the country and Facebook is a wonderful way to share photos and life events.  This social media tool also has proven pivotal in political campaigns, protest movements, and issue awareness.  Now, members of law enforcement are increasingly finding that Facebook can help in their efforts as well.

Police officers are turning to Facebook to find evidence of criminal activity.  It’s amazing that some criminals cannot help but brag to their online friends about murder, theft, or violent gang activity.  And, if just one of these friends is willing to share his Facebook page with authorities, prosecutors now have evidence that can be used…

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