Names, titles, descriptive nouns? It’s your personal identity. Choose wisely.


I was having a discussion last week that seemed to finish spreading the icing on to the cake for me. It had to do with usage of the term “Indie”.  It has become commonplace to see and hear it on Twitter, Goodreads, FaceBook, and Amazon, where it functions to describe an author who has, by his or her choice, traveled outside the realm of traditional publishing. What I find disturbing is that more and more the word Indie is bantered about seemingly as a disparaging way to refer to an author’s status within the publishing industry and bringing it to the brink of becoming slang. And, last time I checked, slang isn’t really how a person wants to be branded.

There are even discussions that have gone up on Amazon’s Kindle Board “Name Brand vs. Indie Authors”. Name Brand? Ahh, they must mean the traditional brick and mortar publishers…

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