Nice story, even though I hate spiders of any size.


Before you read this post, I want you to know that I promise to make the next one (after this one) very pleasant.

At Laguna Manuela, local fishermen drove by on the beach road from time to time, to and from Pancho’s fishing hut at the end of the point. One of the fishermen stopped to ask if we’d like to buy some lobsters. We bought seven small ones for 100 pesos which was about $18 at the time. After a wonderful dinner of chicken legs and lobster done on the barbecue, we felt that a walk was called for.

A trail led up the hill from the beach to the point where we had seen the Jesus statue a couple of days before. As I waited for Gary to join me, I noticed a black beetle in the sand. It had long legs and seemed intent on doing handstands…

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