Helping them to understand the media despite the “social” … it’s networking using media for content. (Cont)

Social Axis

When I consult with new clients, they regularly have a startling shock about social media – it’s not magic!

Believe it or not, a successful social media presence requires time, energy, and creativity.  I don’t want to sound like a mood-killer, but just because social media is the new thing that more and more people are now talking about and using, it doesn’t make it the one-way road to increasing profits. Once new clients understand this, they often say; ‘OK… so what now?’ For me, this is the fun part!

Here are my five key tips to seriously consider when adopting social media:

1. Change the way you look at media forever.
Start off by looking at social media as an on-going conversation. Start by conversing with your audience and don’t even think about sales. Just talk!

2. Dedicate some time to it.
If you’re busy and think…

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